Monday, June 06, 2011

What Dreams May Come

Does anyone remember that movie with Robin Williams? Me? Not really. Something about heaven and hell and lots of vivid colors. I think it was quite depressing actually, perhaps that's why my brain chose to not hang on too tightly to the details. But the title has always stuck with me because I find that combination of words to be at once both exhilarating and soothing. A contradiction of sorts. Kind of like myself.

 Exhilarating because we don't know what dreams await us in this life. Where our hearts will lead us. What wonders are out there waiting for us to behold. How far our minds and bodies can take us. And we must try not to hesitate too long when it comes time to chase those desires, to ride those waves, to feel the burn of the fire that fuels them. It's scary--admitting that you want something and putting yourself out there. The possibility of pain is not only real, but is pretty much guaranteed. We will falter. We will fail. Our hearts will take a beating. Our pride will be wounded. Dreams will die.

It seems much easier then to just sit back and let life happen to us rather than us happening to life, doesn't it? Less chance of injury that way. But, me? Well, I believe I will take those scars. Gladly. For what is the alternative? To never really live? To be forever preserved--unmarred in a ball of blah?

And that's where the soothing part comes. Because though we may need to retreat at times in order to lick our wounds, our bodies and souls will already have begun to heal. With time, the pain will ease and in its place will be the gratification of a life lived. No regrets. No what ifs.  Ready to chase with abandon whatever dreams await us next.

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