Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two Thoughts Tuesday: It is Tuesday Right?

1) I love this song:

found via ModCloth Blog.

2) I find it quite enjoyable to observe and document the actions of the people I encounter.  Sometimes I even make up silly little stories to go with the pictures. It makes me laugh. Take for instance, last Saturday when I was driving home from the lake. Just as I got on I70 traffic came to a halt. Which yes, it's a bit annoying to have to sit there, but when I think about the reason I am having to sit there it puts things into perspective a bit, and I stop my belly aching. At that point, I am free to look around and observe my surroundings. I noted the following:

 People do not like to sit in their cars. They want to get out and try to see what's going on--nevermind that we're in a line of cars a mile long and there's a bend in the road making it impossible to see any further--we still must stand there with our hand shielding our eyes gazing off into the horizon while shaking our heads. Ten minutes after stopping, there were so many people milling about that for a moment I thought that we were all there just tailgating at a Jimmy Buffett concert rather than gridlocked on an interstate. 

People are also very impatient. Just 15 minutes into the halt, there began a mass exodus through the median to the promised land of westbound I70. In the picture above, you will note that the median is not flat nor mowed, but rather a hilly, weed-filled expanse. I watched several cars spin around, back up, try a new approach and spin some more before finally realizing that ascending on a diagonal worked much better than trying to go straight up the hill.  But that wasn't enough to deter anyone from trying her own luck at transversing the Hill of Freedom. This was though:

It would totally suck to watch 25 cars do something and then be the one that the law catches, wouldn't it?

People resort to doing strange things when they've been stuck alone in an enclosed space for 40 minutes. And by people, I mean me. And by strange things, I mean take silly photos of herself with her phone.

 Yes, people are odd ducks indeed.

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