Saturday, June 11, 2011

There's a bigger lesson here, I just know it

As some of you may have gathered, I am having myself a relaxing vacation at the lake. Well, as relaxing as having the sole responsibility for the livelihood of two hyperactive tots around a large body of water and freely roaming bears can be. The point here is that I haven't felt inclined to do a whole lot in the realm of hair styling--and by a whole lot, I mean anything at all really.  I wash and go. No hair dryers. No flat irons. No counter full of styling products I don't really know how to use. Basically, I throw it up into a bun with my spin pins until they start giving me a headache, and then I take it down and just let it go where it wants. Which looks like this:

Wavy, slightly frizzy, boingy hair. Quite a departure from the look I usually strive for:

Sleek, shiny, flat. Of course it only looks that good when Akram does it for me, but that doesn't stop me from twisting, burning and tugging at it in an attempt to make my abused tresses at least somewhat resemble the above picture in a less attractive, distant relative kind of way.  And I am beginning to wonder why I go to so much trouble. Sure it looks pretty, but I'm still me with or without perfect hair. And honestly, I feel freer with my crazy, out of control hair. More natural. More real. Not just a poor imitation--more me.  

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