Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Two Thoughts Tuesday: On Living

1) I am hard-pressed to think of anything that I love more than welcoming a new wee one into this world. The soft little baby cheeks, the way her mouth moves and curls, the gentle breath...oh can I keep her pretty, pretty please??

Amaya is all ready to be the big sister as she's been practicing on bear for quite some time now. See:

Now who's going to be the one to tell her that Mama's sanity really can't survive another child in this house? Anyone??

2) Chase: Breathing is important so you can exercise.
Mama: Well yes. But you also have to breath to live.
Chase: So if you don't breath, you'll die?
Mama: Right.
Chase: I always want to breath. I never want to not breath.
Mama: Well that's good. I kinda like having you around.

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