Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mellon Does Swallow Falls

Pretty, right? Even the marshy stuff in the foreground that I stood in as I was taking this picture. Nature has a way of calming one's spirit, wouldn't you agree? You slow down a bit and take time to notice the less obvious beauty that surrounds you. This might be my favorite:

I just love how trees grow on rocks. It speaks of a will to live despite inhospitable circumstances. Nothing made survival easy for this tree, yet still it thrives. I like to picture it as a tiny little seedling tree boldly defying wind, snow and ice as it strains to stretch its roots across the hard surface. Yes, I do have a vivid imagination. It's part of my charm or so I tell myself.

Something I do not love?

Snakes. See it on the log there? Ew. I have noticed that when I venture out to places alone, the people I encounter are much more likely to strike up a conversation with me. I guess I look lonely or something? Anyway, that would be how I found this snake. A group of dads and sons happily pointed it out to me as I tried not to run the other way. I faced my fear--sure it was from about 20 ft above, still. I was daring. Not nearly as daring as this fellow though.

He spent a good 15 minutes in that spot contemplating jumping. He'd start, then pull himself back. Start again, pull back again. Until finally, he dove head first into the water. I didn't think he was ever going to do it, so I wasn't speedy enough to get a picture of the dive, but I did get the evidence picture.

He quickly swam to shore only to discover that it was rocky and impassable. I don't know what he finally did to get out of the river because I was too busy running away from the snake to stick around and find out.

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