Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who Knew Delaware Could Be So Fun?

It's such a little state after all. I was excited to get to spend the day at Dover with David and Danielle on Saturday. Positively giddy actually.

It was going to be a great day, anyway. But getting to spend some kid-free, quality time with two of my favorite people just really put the day into the extraordinary category. Why? Well, for one reason, I don't know a lot of people who would not only see a smiling face in the nose of a plane, but who would also indulge my desire to contort myself into silly poses in front of said grinning plane.

And who else would find this sign as humorous as I do?

Granted, I'm not a NASCAR super-buff or anything, but I just don't understand why hosting Race 2 in the Chase is such a banner worthy accomplishment. Home of the State Champions, Home of the Brave, Home of Race 1--sure. But Home of Race 2? Not so much. How about: Welcome to Race 2? I should totally take over the marketing at this track, I think.

Speaking of banner worthy:

In case you haven't noticed, I love to be silly and play what I deem to be perfectly harmless pranks on people. Apparently, my NASCAR BFF Ashely is the same way, so together we hatched a most diabolical--if overly sparkly--plan. That would be how PR extraordinaire Joey D ended up sporting a hand-bedazzled BigSpot hat. And bless the boy's heart, he was actually going to wear this nightmare of a hat out in public--that's just one of the reason's he's also one of my favorite people. Hard to find a guy willing to proudly sport blinged-out, tacky head attire where national TV crews roam freely and everyone has fingers poised ready to send incriminating tweets out into the world. Which makes me feel a tad guilty for posting this picture to my blog, but not enough to actually take it down. Clearly, I would not qualify as one of my own favorite people. I'll work on it.

I loved being at the track with D&D because I got to see everything through their eyes making it all feel new again. Admittedly, those fresh views included some things I'd have preferred not see such as myself wiping the sweat off of my upper lip here.

But the good stuff far out weighed the bad. For instance, this really cool shot of the team before the first pit stop that Danielle took. My pictures never turn out so awesome.

And this wreck that happened right in front of my face, had my face been pointed in that direction instead of studying the guy wearing the hat made from a Budweiser box, that is. My priorities can at times be a bit skewed.

And I think they were having a good time too, if their big ole grins are any clue.

You may have noticed that thus far I have yet to mention anything about The Curse of the Mellon. I do want you to know that I took special efforts to not let my bad luck-tainted self within range of anything or anyone that could be harmed. This is as close as I got to the car and my BFF prerace:

 Of course, after he realized that I was the cause of all of his Richmond woes, I'm sure he rescinded that BFF declaration without delay. He probably has sent someone to seek and destroy any evidence that we ever even met . That is why I have hidden my beloved hero card where no one will ever find it: in my closet.

I actually think that Brian may have decided that my husband would make the better BFF. Why else would he give this helmet to Drew and not me?

Not that I let a debate over ownership keep me from trying that baby on.

Two observations: It squeezes my cheeks and makes my voice all surround sound inside my own head. I never realized my voice was so irritating--how can ya'll stand to listen to me? Oh wait...never mind.

But back to how I worked hard to contain my curse. I wanted to be extra cautious and keep my hex far away from the crew chief and all of those power tools, so I chose to sit on the handy little hill behind the pit boxes. Can you find Mellon?
The fact that it was shady there on the hill? Absolutely nothing to do with my decision. At all. 

Did all of my careful curse-containment planning payoff? Well, my friends, it certainly did. Brian finished 13th without any major technical malfunctions. I thought that my bad luck woes might be behind me, so I decided to test the theory at Dover Downs: 
 But no. Misfortune is still sticking around if the rate at which my money disappeared is any indication. Now, I have to wonder if I had stayed home would that 13th have been a top 10? A top 5? Maybe the team will respectfully request that Andy leave the Hapless Mellon at home. Could this have been my last NASCAR race? Depressing thoughts right there. So what choice did I have but to drown my disappointment in a huge slice of banana chocolate chip cake? And that right there is but another reason why I love Danielle, she understood this without me even having to explain. Plus she ordered the strawberry shortcake so I could have a bite of that too. BFF #1 status, earned.

And then the day was done, and we had to say Good Night to our Day at Dover.
Or as I like to call it, the perfect day that really was.

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