Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Did Someone Say Something About a Swollen Nose?

Scene: Car ride home. Halted in the endless 4-way stop line.

Mama: Look guys, there's a rainbow!

Chase: A rainbow? Where?

Mama: In the sky. Right there. (points)

Chase: In the sky?

Mama: Yes.

Chase: The rainbow is in the sky? I don't see it. (probably because he's looking at the road)

Mama: Tilt your head up and look at the sky where I'm pointing. See?

Chase: Um no.

Mama: Look up Chase. (Chase is still looking at the road) Lift your eyes child.

Chase: (raises eyebrows in surprised fashion, keeps eyes on road) I still don't see it.

Mama: Too late, we passed it.

Chase: My eyebrows hurt.

Mama: Yes, I'd imagine they do.

Chase stole these glasses from Nana's car on Tuesday. I'm told that he put them on and then said that he looked like Uncle Adam and Uncle David. Not sure if it was the nose or the mustache that drew that particular comparison. Maybe a bit of both? I kid, I kid, please don't hurt me. Or refuse to take pictures for me anymore.

He wore his disguise to school and reveled in all of the chuckles that were aimed his way. Pretty sure the boy will be a comedian along the lines of Bob Hope one day. And you can say you knew him when.

Do you think he'd let me be his sidekick? The Laurel to his Hardy?  Put in a good word for me would ya?

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