Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And the beat goes on

I'm feeling worlds better today, thanks in large part to this lovely pharmaceutical cocktail the doctor prescribed yesterday:

That was all taken last night before bed. Let me just say that I had no trouble falling asleep. Thanks everyone for all of your kind words and well wishes--I am certain that without them I would not be feeling so much better today despite the consumption of obscene amounts of (legal) drugs. Special thanks to my good friend Eva who is bringing me over homemade dumplings today that her mom made for the Moon Festival. That right there is pretty much worth all of the suffering I was made to endure. Mmm dumplings.

It seems that my return to good health could not have come at a better time. Perhaps you'll recall a tweet I posted a few weeks ago. What, you don't memorize all of the rambling nonsense I post on twitter? Fine. Here's a refresher for you:
 I hear "Amaya do it herself" for a vast range of tasks including, but not limited to, teeth brushing & advanced nuclear physics.

Yes, we are smack dab in the middle of the Do It Myself Phase which as luck would have it also happens to coincide with the Holy Terror If I Don't Get My Way Phase as demonstrated by this tweet:
The name Amaya originated in Japan and means Night Rain. In my daughter's case, I'd say Raging Tempest would be a more apt description.

This morning found us with Amaya insisting that she would get dressed BY HERSELF thankyouverymuch. Since I'm feeling better, I was able to not only indulge this fantasy of hers, but to also sit back and take pictures as well. Mother of the Year right here. 4 years running people.

And the finished product. Front:

Mad style, yo. And no, I did not let her leave the house like that--I totally combed her hair first. 

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