Thursday, September 02, 2010

Oh, Oh It's Magic!

Did you know that today is officially 90210 day? Why? Because the date today is 9.02.10. This won't happen again until September, 2 2110--and who knows if people then will even know of the wonder that was Brenda Walsh. So we must celebrate now! Join me!

In other news, we went to Ocean City, Maryland last weekend. We were lucky to be able to get a way for 3 days given how hard Drew's been working on the Pig. But we weren't going to let our limited stay keep us from enjoying every minute of the trip. I even received a sign at the beginning of our journey that our vacation had been touched by magical beings.
Rainbows! It was like a happy little leprechaun waved his magical arms and blessed our trip with the luck of the Irish. And don't even think about telling me about angles, light refraction and prisms. It was totally a happy little elf that did it. Probably one distantly related to this fairy-like creature:

She never leaves home without her wand. You never know when you're going to need  a little bibbity bobbity boo, right? If the following photos are any indication, her spell for fun in the sun certainly went off without a hitch.

But magical creatures have to be careful as humans are always trying to snare them in traps as to harness their power. We can't be leaving tracks like these around.

Cover them up! Quickly!

One rule of fairydom: the wand is only to be used for very special purposes. Still, I begged and pleaded for her to use her magic to grant me better posture. I thought for a minute she might acquiesce, but, well, obviously not.

My next attempt at corruption was to try to get the little sprite to find a way to contain the sand invasion, but she refused. So I was left to find a solution  myself. Perhaps playing in the gritty stuff before getting all wet would help? It's a conundrum for sure.

Even the Super Heroes were perplexed to the point where they could only bury their heads in the sand in defeat.
I even employed the use of a mystical powder. It tried valiantly to defeat the enemy, but even with such a powerful potion, the sand still found its way into countless nooks and crannies.
Eventually, the crunching of the grains got to us, and we headed for other diversions. Ahoy Matey!
Something's a little fishy with that buccaneer, right?

Together, the terrible two searched for buried treasure.

They found my booty!
 Treasure any pirate worth his wooden leg would fight to possess. Time to kick back and enjoy the spoils of victory.
But every good story must come to an end, so soon it was time to leave the mystical beach and head back to reality. Unable to believe that our good luck could possibly hold much longer, Captain Amaya decided it would be a good idea to bone up on flight safety protocol.

Thankfully, those rainbow-providing guardian angels saw fit to see us safely home.You can't tell me a simple prism did all that. It's magic baby.


  1. Again, your babies are SUPER adorable! Love the cute story to go along with your beach pictures.
    It was totally a leprechaun, pot of gold and all!
    -Laurel Ann

  2. wow what an odd comment