Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Can't quite put my finger on it

This weekend, we decided to take a long after dinner stroll. The purpose of this little diversion--besides getting fresh air and a little exercise--was to wear the two little dumplings out so they would go right to Sleepy Town as soon as their little noggins hit the pillow. Perhaps, they would be so tired from the excursion that they might actually sleep long enough for Mama to enjoy a little snooze-a-thon in the morning instead of finding herself awoken at dawn by the sound of the two of them thumping and banging above her head.  Sugar plums danced through my brain at just the thought.

The plan started out perfectly. I smiled smugly as I imagined the sweet sound of their exhausted snores wafting down to me all snug in my bed. 

But somewhere along the way, we lost sight of the objective. Despite our well laid plan of attack, the two little hoodlums did not end up as energy drained as I'd envisioned. I've gone over and over our execution, but

I just can't figure out where the plan failed.

Any ideas?

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