Saturday, September 11, 2010

I hope no one at the DMV reads my blog

Do you want to know what happens when Mellon has to function on only 4 hours of sleep? This is what happens:

The funny thing here is not so much that I drove the car up onto the curb. No, given my driving abilities, that's to be expected really. The funny thing is that when I parked this car at 6:30AM, I had no idea that I had gone up on the curb. Not. A. Clue.

I didn't realize my parking faux pas until we returned back to Sam's house at noon, and I found it in that state. Tell me, how exactly does one not feel the car jump the curb? Exhaustion, that's how.

And why was I up so early on a Saturday morning? Why to attend the great South Riding Yard Sale/Expo show with the girls, of course. Between the free Walgreens water bottle stuffed with samples and the Panera breakfast--it was totally worth the sleep deprivation. These $.50 alphabet magnets were just icing.

What? You think you should get a little icing too? Well, what if I told you that my next post will be about the Curse of the Mellon? Not good enough? What if I tell you that it includes a positively delightful photo of me taken by my husband? Pure sugar, am I right? Thought so.

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