Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it.

J.Jill has always been a suburban soccer Mama kind of place. Being as I do live in the suburbs and own a soccer playing kid, I like a lot of their clothes. They're comfortable and soft and relatively stylish. If a flip through their catalog is any indication, the company seems aware of their market. They attempt to make their clothes feel a little edgy, not by the design of the garments, but rather, by the angle the photographer takes. There's also the ubiquitous head cut off shot as seen here in varying degrees.

In addition to wanting us moms to feel a little chic, J.Jill also wants us to know that we can perform all of our daily tasks in their clothes with ease. So, they include plenty of photos of models drinking coffee, taking walks, reading books and of course digging through their handbags.
Mostly all of this staging does a great job of making me believe that I need to possess whatever outfit is showcased. I just know that if I owned this sweater, those boots and a pair of black leggings I'd be outside dancing in the rain right now instead of being all bundled up inside yelling a string of profanities at the weatherman.

But sometime all of that stylistic engineering goes horribly wrong and you end up mass producing a photo to be mailed nationwide that never would have made it out of any Mama's digital recycle bin.

I mean really? There wasn't a single shot where the model looked like she wasn't in a vodka induced haze? Or maybe this is the company's way of saying they understand that while the trials of motherhood can break even the strongest of us, there are still errands to be run. So who cares if you aren't completely aware of your surroundings when you pick up your dry cleaning--you're wearing a tweed jacket and wide leg pants!

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