Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tales from the Pumpkin Patch

The weather was absolutely gorgeous when we ventured to the farm on Tuesday. We chose the best possible day because the rest of the week was rainy and cold. Good call Weatherman Drew.
Both kids loved the giant yellow chair. Isn't it funny how everyday objects become so intriguing if they're giant sized. Or miniature. Why is that?

We revisited the giant slide from last year. This time Chase chose to ride tandem with Daddy or Mama. Both of them loved the thrill of sliding between the hay bales. They didn't want to stop, but after a few trips up the steep hill carrying the 25 lb lug known as Amaya, Mama found a way to move them along.

Someone's farm boy roots are showing.
Amaya loved this cow. She just kept staring at it and trying to pet her nose. I'd try to lead her away, but as soon as I'd let go of her hand she'd run back to the cow. It was hilarious. I finally had to pick up her wriggling body as she said, "Noooo, nooo, nooo, noo" and carry her off to the next attraction. I think she might end up being the vet in the family.
Family photos.
Pretty cute!

She's on the move! Probably saw another cow.

Chase sitting with his pumpkins.
He can turn into a pumpkin monster when he feels that his harvest might be in danger of being stolen by produce thieves.
The monster didn't seem to phase little sister though. Here she is trying to lift a pumpkin like she saw her Daddy and brother doing. Maybe next year, Amaya Brown.

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