Monday, October 12, 2009


I hope Dr. Oz doesn't mind my parody of his book title, but I just couldn't resist. So, this is what the candy holiday looks like when the Mama is trying to drastically limit her intake of sugar.

Candy bowls filled with protein bars? This does not make Mr. Hershey happy at all. In order to stave off the insanity that lack of miniature Snickers bars and Reese's Cups brings, I have turned instead to calorie free diversions to fill the void*.

Dressing my son up as Princess Belle for instance. I got this costume complete with the magic wand, yellow Mickey Mouse shoe covers, and two lovely necklaces for $4.25 at a thrift store last week. Money well spent I'd say. Of course, Princess Amaya insists that she is the family member who looks best in yellow.

Hey, you know what else is yellow? A Mr. Goodbar wrapper. It's going to be a long month I think.

*The success rate of this particular plan has not been clinically proven. Results will most certainly vary.


  1. Shelly1:38 PM

    Funny! And what is in Amaya's mouth?

  2. That's her big ass pacifier. She can bend the small ones and put them all the way in her mouth. Then she chokes and gags, so now she gets the big ass one. :-)

    I know she shouldn't be using it anymore, and really she isn't even that attached to it. But when she's cranky, it's so easy to just give her the binky. Bad mama. I promise it'll be gone by Christmas--at least during the day.

  3. Yvonne9:20 PM

    Laura, your response is too funny! lol

  4. Yvonne, people always find me funniest when I'm not even trying to be funny. What do you think that says about me. :-)