Thursday, October 29, 2009

So now you know

Life is getting busier around here. I'm having a very difficult time keeping up with Chase's social calender and he's only three. What's going to become of me when he hits elementary school?

Tonight, we went to a Halloween party at HT's house. HT's basement is like an FAO Schwartz--a toy wonderland that entrances boys and girls. We've been there once before about 10 months ago. But HT's play area is so awe inspiring to a toddler that Chase remembered it in full detail. As soon as we walked in the front door, Magoo informed me that he wanted to go ride Thomas. I thought he was once again making known his disappointment in his costume not including a train, so I reasserted the idea that he needed to pretend to ride Thomas. He gave me a strange look that I understood once we reached the basement.

Right. There's a full scale Thomas train at HT's house. How could I have forgotten? There's also a train table where the boys happily spent the majority of the party pushing and pulling wooden engines along the tracks.

HT's Mama even had a craft table and snack tables all ready for the little engineers. Snacks being the bigger hit of course. All this time, Chase was a delightful little boy. No whining, no crying, no hogging of toys.

But then, the unthinkable happened. Someone wanted to take his picture. Not just any old picture, but one where he had to sit on the couch next to his friends. Oh, the horror.

The only way to answer such a ridiculous request is to throw oneself on the floor and proceed to have a full-fledged tantrum all the while ignoring the fact that he is the only one reacting in such a ridiculous manner.

This is what happens around 5pm nearly every evening--he has a melt down over something completely inconsequential. This is why I say that the 3s are far more terrible than the 2s. This is why the kid really needs to sleep during the day. But he won't. And that would be why I have little hope of ever regaining my sanity. So now you know.


  1. Yvonne11:23 PM

    Funny how none of the other children noticed Chase in the floor.

  2. Sleeping meds for the whole family around noon, yes?

  3. Yvonne, yea everyone ignored his ridiculousness. Expect Mama who was mortified.

    Lelumarie, an idea I have considered, but I feel as though CPS might come knocking if word got out that I was drugging my kids with Nytol.