Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just another week

It's Thursday already. I feel like it was just yesterday when we did this art project, but it was 7 days ago. Most of my pictures are blurry today--there is an explanation that doesn't involve me blaming anyone, but that's not really my style is it? So let's just say that this is somehow Grandma's fault. Yes, she lives 3 hours away and has never even touched the camera that took these photos. I'm still blaming it on her, so just go with it, ok? Anyway for this project, the kids made pictorial wish lists using toy catalogs and contact paper. Amaya just tore paper and then started throwing all of the periodicals on the floor. Chase decided that he wanted everything on the page including a toy iron and washing machine. Let's hope he's still as thrilled by laundry when mama institutes the chores clause of the contract.

Let's see, what else have we done in the past week? We took Chase to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. He liked the movie, but I think he liked the popcorn better. We also had a play date at the park with Bergen. While we were waiting for him to arrive, Chase, Amaya and I played on the firetruck. Chase was playing with the steering wheel when he turned around to tell me, "Mama, what am I doing? That's right, I'm driving right now. So no, I can't get you a snack." That sounds so familiar...I wonder where he's heard such a line?

We went to school, had lunch at McDonald's and oh yea there was that time when Amaya pooped in the tub. Why does that never happen when Drew does the bath routine?

We also continued to enjoy playing dress up. Here's Amaya wearing Chase's hat. The hat that rarely ever leaves his head. The hat that is in desperate need of a wash down. It's on my list.
This morning, we're going to play with our friends Joshua and Aiden. We have to make sure to properly fuel our bodies before embarking on our adventure. Breakfast is the one meal of the day that Chase eats without fail. Maybe because I let him eat it in the family room while watching Olivia. Couch potato munching.

Amaya on the other hand feeds 75% of her breakfast to the dog. I tried banishing the canine from the family room in the hopes that if he were out of sight, he would be out of mind. My daughter is smarter than that of course.
. She just doesn't understand these crazy no feeding the dog waffles rules that Mama insists upon.


  1. Yvonne10:40 AM

    Sure wish I could find an adult size strawberry pj set like Amaya's -- adorable!

  2. Anonymous8:47 PM

    I'm not sure that I can go with the it's Grandmas fault, but oh well I'm sorry! Sounds like you have had a full week of fun. The kids are adorable as usual. By the way did the wish lists net any info for the u[coming holidays? Love Grandma