Thursday, October 01, 2009

Selling out Family Rooms Across America

Chase got this rad guitar from his friend Kyle for his third birthday. Since then, Noodle has been practicing his strumming skills on the daily. He gingerly pulls the guitar strap over his head and starts shaking his pint-sized booty whenever the Imagination Movers break into song which is about 3.5 times per 24 minute episode. Knowing that a Rock Star is only as good as his latest song, he's constantly working on his next number one hit. When he's done composing for the day, he takes special care of his instrument making sure to place it gently against the wall whenever he's finished his set.

But the work of a toddler band front man doesn't end just because the guitar has been put away. There are autographs to practice, juice boxes to guzzle, and photo shoot techniques to perfect. Magoo is constantly trying to convince me that he's ready to load up the tour bus and collect some roadies. However, I think he's a bit young to strike out on a worldwide tour. Wouldn't you agree that 4 is the proper age for such an endeavor? Until then, his fan base will just have to be content with periodic video postings. I'm sure it will only serve to build the anticipation for the opening night of the ChaseEraser Tour in Summer 2010.

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