Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fructose Coma

Last night, I partied it up with my girls in the time honored tradition of Girls Night Out-or GNO as those up on their jargon prefer to call it. It was a nice relaxing evening, and I felt very refreshed and happy as I made my way home. While halted at a stoplight, I checked my email via my iPhone which hereafter will be referred to as "The greatest gadget I don't really need ever made". Upon scrolling through the usual spam from dating networks--I am a hottie don't ya know--I came across this one line email from Andy:

After eating too much banana yogurt...amaya passed out

Huh? Passed out like fainted? What's the man talking about? What's too much banana yogurt? Is she allergic to yogurt? Is that possible?? Surely he would have called me if he had to take her to the ER, wouldn't he? Did he call, and I just didn't hear the phone ring?? Stupid phone!

These questions flew threw my brain before I noticed that the email had a picture attached. Unfortunately, I had to download it before it would show up and the light had already turned green. So I pressed the button to begin the dl, waved at the beeping guy behind me and drove to the next light hoping it would be red, so that I could look down and see the picture. Well of course the light was green--figures that when I actually want to be held up in traffic the light changes to allow smooth sailing. Eventually though, I did meet a red light--it is Northern Virginia after all. This is what was waiting on my screen for me:

Oh, passed out. I get it. ha ha.

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