Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's red and tangled up in knots?

Mellon's hair of course. What? I'm a brunette you say? Not on this day I wasn't--I was a finger painted red head. There I was trying to be a good Mama by doing an art project with Chase when without cause or reason, the lid on the red finger paint decided to put up a fight. So I gritted my teeth and pulled harder and harder until all of the sudden it flew off of the jar unleashing a veritable deluge of sticky, crimson paint. There were splatters on the table, on the carpet, in my hair, on my shirt, on my pants, & on Amaya's hand. If you look to the left of Chase in the above picture you will see one of the little splotches that formed from the torrent of liquid color. Luckily, Chase was wearing his cool Thomas conductor smock, so he was safe from the paint onslaught--though he more than made up for that by completely lacquering his hands in blue and brown. Essentially, we had 15 minutes of mess making creativity followed by 30 minutes of mess cleaning adventures. Totally worth it if he ends up being the next Warhol.


  1. Yvonne8:56 AM pictures of your new hair color?

  2. I didn't even think to take a picture of time. lol