Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The park, some snow, old man pajamas and a carrot trail

I finally uploaded the pictures off of my camera from last week, so you get to see the entire 7 days' worth of fun all in one little compact post. First up, our trip to the park last Thursday with Allie. Chase wore himself out chasing her all around, though I somehow failed to get a picture of the two of them together. I believe that I may have made up for that mistake with this picture though.

His sister enjoyed watching the scene from the warm confines of the stroller. I am sure she was just wishing for the time when she would be able to run alongside the older kids. Maybe next year, my dear.

Here's a picture that Andy took of the snow at the shore this weekend. You don't often see snow by the ocean--well I don't anyway. So, I thought it was cool enough to share.

And here's Chaserater in his old man pajamas holding up his hand in the way he does when he's really excited. The Imagination Movers theme song was playing when I took this picture, so Chase was singing along and dancing around. I took a video of his antics, but I don't have the energy/desire/fortitude to attempt to upload it at the moment, so maybe later I'll add it. Probably not though. I'm such a tease, I know.

Finally, we have our blue/green eyed sugar dumpling who is getting much better at the crawling. Her teeth have grown big enough to be captured in full color pixelation, so I felt a close up shot would be prudent. Please also note the carrot trails around her nose and eyes. She's such a messy eater that anytime she's having a dark food that can stain, I make her take her shirt off before she's allowed to commence gorging on the orange goop. All I can say is that she had better clean up her act soon as I am quite certain that most restaurants frown upon removing clothing on the premises--and Mama sure isn't staying home to cook just so Little Miss can eat half naked.

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