Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Batten down the hatches my boy. Trouble is a brewin!

Baby Bean is officially crawling now, and so begins the reign of Hurricane Amaya. She is no longer intrigued by her own toys now that she has discovered the joys of her big brother's stash of play equipment. Chase is none too thrilled at the idea of sharing a single one of his belongings with the girl who shoves everything in her mouth and drools on it. He's there to quickly swipe away any toy the minute she wraps her paws around it. Amaya has thus been working on a more stealthy attack mode.

Here she is pretending to be interested in nothing more than chewing on Chase's train table.

Now she takes a quick peak over her shoulder to see if her brother is fully engrossed in his TAG reader over on the couch.

She makes a go for the toy bounty on top of the table, but too late! Chase is there to quickly pull all of his toys out of her reach. She looks at Mama with pleading eyes---"Why Mama?? Why!!??"

Chase makes attempts for a truce by offering her some of her own toys. Amaya is not amused. But she'll be back, oh yes she will. You'd better put those toys in lock down Chase--that may be the only way to keep them safe. The storm has already been set in motion and there's no stopping it now.

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  1. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Oh boy oh boy! Amaya you are soo cute. Chase it is now your job to keep your baby sister out of trouble. love Grandma