Friday, March 20, 2009

ToElmo, ToElmo, Chase loves ya ToElmo

Hey Baby. How you doin?

Chase has really started to break free from his protective chocolate coating. In the last few weeks especially he has gotten twice as vocal. He freely chats up every person he encounters when we're out on the town telling them again and again, "I'm Chase." If you try to call him Magoo, Noodle or Monkey now he feels it necessary to remind you that, no--he's Chase.

At home, he is just one nonstop, jabbering little lima bean. Which is really funny when you think that the first two years of his life he was pretty quiet. I guess he decided he needs to speak up now before his sister drowns him out--and she will too, she's a shrieker that one.

A couple of my favorite Chase Phrases are: "Here's Chase's letter C" and "ToElmo". The first one, he says when he encounters any printed C, but most often he uses it to refer to the C magnet that goes in his LeapFrog Alphabet toy. He'll hold up the C and inform you that C starts Chase. If you ask him, C also starts Daddy, Iverson and Pizza. He's a bit confused. Oddly, he can tell you sounds for most letters--I guess he just hasn't put all of the pieces together yet. ToElmo is Noodle's way of saying tomorrow. Everything is happening ToElmo. We're going to Target to buy a wash down, we're going to swimming, Chase has school, we have a play date, we're going to the zoo, Mama's washing his clothes, and we're going to the lake to see AmmaAmpa too. All ToElmo. Don't try to call us then, we'll be too busy to answer. But fear not, for ToElmo is another day...


  1. Yvonne3:10 PM

    Wow...he looks like a big boy in the pictures!! And as usual, I'll be checking your blog 'ToElmo' for more updates! :-)

  2. I know--it's crazy how big he looks. Mama's little punk. :-)