Sunday, March 15, 2009

What are we going to do today, Amaya?

Same thing we do everyday Mama--try to take over the world.

Now Mama, let's go over the plan once more. In Phase One, I will acquire the necessary business intelligence for my hostile takeover of Krispy Kreme. I am sure that the secrets can be found in Daddy's magazines. My adrenaline starts pumping when I think that the Fortune magazine sitting over there unguarded could contain the key to the doughnut maker's undoing! Once armed with this knowledge, I will be unstoppable!

You will distract Daddy, while I snag the documents. If caught while conducting my espionage, I will act coyly innocent.

If despite my best efforts, the enemy remains suspicious, I will abort the mission and resume "baby" mode. This is only a temporary reversion done under protest for the sake of the operation. Know this: I will be back to spy another day.

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