Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Thoughts Tuesday: Love You, Love You Not

1) Love You

I think I will be requiring an intervention. I need all my true friends, the ones who really care about me, to band together and convince me that I can not wear these earrings every single day.

 It won't be easy though, I mean do you see how cute they are on? 

I feel like Pocahontas. Which for some reason makes me want to channel Vanessa Williams and just start belting out Save the Best for Last even though I know that the song she did for that movie was something about wind and colors. Save the Best for Last is just catchier, yes? Sometimes the sun goes round the moon...except it doesn't. Like ever. Right?

Anyway, I really did--save the best for last I mean. Because those super sweet earrings came from my most favorite of all retail outlets: Target. Yep. And not just that pair, but two more (red and taupey/cream) for the bargain price of $7.99.  Best. Last. Saved. Totally.

2)  Love You Not

So in January, I saw these sandals online and immediately put them in my shopping cart because they are a) super cute and b)t-strap thongs which happens to be the most comfortable style for people with Sasquatch feet.

The problem is that they stink.

Like really bad.  Some kind of chemical smell--I guess from the plastic? I don't know. I had packed them for our trip to Charleston, and really needed to wear them as my shoe options were limited, so I can't return them since they got all beaten up on those crumbly sidewalks. I keep hoping the smell will eventually fade or something, but so far no luck. So do y'all have any suggestions for deodorizing my pretty little flowery flipper floppers? Kitty litter? Lysol? Melt them down and start over? Anything?

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