Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Forget the Kardashians, Try Keeping Up With This Kid.

Chase is quite the studious little fellow--here he is hard at work at his keyboarding homework. I don't know where he gets such good habits as I was never one to do much studying beyond the absolute bare minimum required to appease the education gods.  Of course, I think I probably would have been more willing to do my homework as a kid if it had involved playing games on the computer. 

Did you notice the marker on his ear? Makes me smile.

I will leave you today with this little snippet of a conversation we had on the way to that music lesson he studied so hard for.

Chase: Mama, who sings this song?

Mama: Radiohead.

Chase: What would happen if you take off my head?

Mama: You'd die.

Chase: But Lego Batman loses his head all the time, and he is still alive.

Mama: That's a Lego. You're a human. Humans need heads to live.

Chase: Oh. What's this song called?

Mama: Optimistic.

Chase: It sounds sad. It's a sad song.

Mama: Ironic, isn't it?

Chase: You mean Rock 'n Roll?

Mama: That too.

Chase: I love Rock 'n Roll lalalalalala jukebox baby! Can we hear that song now Mama?

Mama: Keep your head on kid.

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