Friday, April 22, 2011

Best Easter Playdate Ever! Part Two: The ABCs of a Good Time

As promised here is part two of our Easter playdate extravaganza. For ease of consumption, I've broken the event down into three simple components. Thoughtful and sweet, am I.

A is for Arts & Crafts

Want to entertain a crowd of pint sized humans? I have two words for you: glitter glue. It's that simple. Really. 

And bonus, you'll end up with lovely pieces of art for your home. Here's an Amaya Original:

And a limited edition ChaseEraser:

B is for Buckets

  Sure, they're great for collecting things,

 but they're even better when they come pre-filled with sugar and toys.

While making these playdate favors, it occurred to me that I was quite selfish in naming my daughter Amaya--that's 3 A's for one tiny person! A's don't grow on trees you know--I specifically know this because I ran out of them. Which is why Chase's bucket had an upside down V with a Z tail for his A, and poor Vivian's bucket was simply labeled Viv. So let that be a warning to you folks--think very carefully about how vowel  greedy you want to be when naming your children. If you fail to heed this advice, it will surely come back to bite you one day when you find yourself having to label 8 Easter buckets.  Or um something.

C is for mad yo

This was some kind of seek and destroy mission involving a giant flyswatter and lots of shrieks and giggles. 

This was a snake hunt. I heard one of the girls saying: Here snakey snakey snakey! I am pretty sure it was Amaya. Which is odd, since that is the last thing her mother would ever do. Actually try to entice a snake to come closer? Insane. 

This was bumper slide with the added element of trying to pull Allie back onto the ramp.

It ended like this:
Like I said, mad chaos yo.

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