Thursday, April 14, 2011

Here a Foo, There a Foo, Everywhere a Foo Foo

Hi. Remember me? The Mellon? I haven't been hanging around here much lately. Have you been wondering just what it is that could be keeping me from clogging up the interwebs with my stream of consciousness rambling?

No?! You hadn't even noticed my absence? Oh. Well, that's a blow to the ole ego, isn't it? And here I'd put together this lovely photograph-enhanced list itemizing a few of the things that have been occupying space in my brain lately. You know what. I'm going to go ahead and share it anyway, if that's ok with you. What? I can't hear you. Lalalalalalalalala....

So here we go, in some order of importance:

1) I'm a Foo for you Dave Grohl.

Did you know that Foo Fighters released a new CD Tuesday? (They're a band Mom) And they had a documentary out, too? And Dave was on the cover of Sunday Style? It's been a veritable FooSmorgasboard. I think I've listened to Wasting Light about 30 times already. Seriously. My favorite song is Arlandria. Or Bridge Burning. Or I Should Have Known. Or maybe Dear Rosemary. No, These Days. Back & Forth? Oh they're all good--well except White Limo--which I do like right up until the screaming starts. The screeching gives me flashbacks to the latest battle waged in the Amaya/Chase wars, so I can't stand to listen to it for long. Maybe when more time has passed and the wounds aren't as fresh...

2) Reading. I love going to the bookstore--it's like Disneyland to me. Only better because you don't have to wait in line for 20 minutes to get to the good stuff.

Yes, I have a Kindle and an iPad. And sure, nothing beats the convenience of clicking a few buttons and finding the book you want to read on the screen in front of you a minute later. But, I'd never give up my trips to the bookstore. I love to wander the aisles picking up anything that strikes my fancy. And, there's just something about holding an actual book-the feel of the pages in your hand, the smell of the ink. Love.

Right now, I am reading This Is Not The Story You Think It Is: A Season of Unlikely Happiness by Laura Munson

which caught my eye both because the author's name is Laura and I have a thing for Lauras and because I liked the giant horseshoe on the cover.  So far, I've laughed, cried, nodded and had several ah-ha moments. Which is the very definition of a good book in my opinion.

3) Cooking--AKA You Win Some...

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

You Lose Some.

Broiled Salmon or as I like to call it: My broiler hates me and there is nothing more disgusting than the smell of burning fish skin. I mean fish in general is nasty, nasty stuff. Burnt fish? Barf Barf Barf.

4) Heaven. Or the writing utensils I'd imagine they have there anyway. 

5) Spring! And pretty spring skirts. 

6) Spring cleaning my closet to make room for all of those pretty new spring clothes. 

 7 Bags to Purple Heart. How on earth did I ever accumulate enough articles of clothing that I can fill 7 bags and still have a closet jam packed? I think I should probably go try to fill 7 more before PH comes tomorrow. But I get so attached to my clothes. Like they're my babies. I just can't send my babies off to some strange home. No, instead they must stay buried in my closet where most of them will never see the light of day. I have issues. I know.

7) Return of my Cherry Cola Highlights. I just adore that the dye color name is Cherry Cola. Makes me smile because it reminds me of one of my favorite song lyrics: Seeking cherry cola as the bridging wine from Melissa Auf der Mar's Lightning is my Girl.


Totally worth those 3.5 hours lost to the Time Sucking Vortex, yes?

Disclaimer: I have no connection to any of the products featured in today's post. No one cares enough what I think to approach me about writing a review. Everything mentioned here was purchased by my own personal volition with my own AmEx. I will in no way benefit from anyone going out and also purchasing said items other than earning the right to say "I told you so."

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