Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You Can Google It!

I have very, very exciting news. Right this minute, if you type "mellon blogs" into Google, my happy little collection of purposeless ramblings comes up second in the list of 753,000 possible matches. See, I told you it was exciting. 

Even better, if you type "mellonblogs", I come up numero uno. Of course, helpful search engine that it is, Google does point out that I probably meant "mellon blogs", but still Number 1!

My next goal in life is to have Mellon Blogs become an auto fill option. Right now, it looks like this:

Really how many different combinations does the bank need? Surely they can give up one spot for me, right? So here's my plan: I'm going to start infiltrating random businesses and typing "Mellon Blogs" into the google screens of all the computers in the building. Law offices, schools, libraries, dentist offices, tattoo parlors--no one will be safe from my attack. To prepare for this venture, I plan to go on a shopping spree for clothes that will help me blend in using Veronica Mars as my muse. I imagine a new bag and shoes will be necessary expenditures. Maybe a scarf. Oh and a convertible for my quick, stylish escape. Leer jet?

Once I have the NoVa area covered, I'll branch out into other major metropolitan areas. Seems like the perfect vacation agenda to me. I'm sure you'd agree that it's really only a matter of time before Mellon Blogs assumes worldwide, search engine domination. Of course, I am aware of the risk this little experiment will incur, so I have a contingency plan for that, too. Which is this: anyone willing to come bail me out of jail, please email me your number and I'll tuck it away to be used as my one phone call. Meticulous planning is the key people.

Anyway, for any who have successfully trudged through the ridiculousness above, here is your reward:

Pool pictures! And a funny:

Lifeguard: No Running!
Chase: Whatever you say dude!

After pool snack. You may be wondering why the toy basket is behind Little Miss there. Simple: because two minutes earlier, she'd fallen through the opening in the back and tumbled down to the ground where she rolled and sobbed until I picked her up and gave her another graham cracker. Only my child.


  1. haha that's cool! when you type in my full name you get pictures of my friends but not me. it's strange for sure.
    when your blog is world wide famous and the bank is at your feet, i can say i read you when! haha.

  2. Oh I totally love your writing! So glad to have found you through an ad on my own blog. tee hee... see, already acheiving web prominance... prominence... um, presence... or is it precense... at any rate... you catch my drift. :)

  3. Yippe! I will google to you help bump you up. :-)