Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Cakes Did Not Melt

I am pleased to report that no one suffered from heat stroke at the party yesterday. Not only that, but I think that despite the last minute changes the ridiculous heat forced me to make to the itinerary, the party could be labeled a success.

The honorees certainly look happy, right?

And I think that I looked awfully cute in my J.Crew summer clearance dress.

Well, I did before the party started anyway. What I looked like after it was all over isn't important really.

I have lots of details about the do to share with you, so I'm thinking I'll probably need to break it into a couple of posts. Of course if history is any indication, I'll probably get lazy and drop the ball after one post. So maybe you all want to tell me what you're most interested in reading about so I can be sure to cover that first. Here's your chance, don't waste it cause if I don't hear from ya'll, it'll just be Mellon's choice--and then you'll have no one to blame but yourself.


  1. yay!
    and yeah, you look cute in the dress!

  2. I love the Jcrew clearance dress. I myself have got some great summer clearance bargains at the Bananna Republic that I like to brag about. No one has to know that I would never ever ever pay full price for anything....did I say ever?

  3. Anonymous5:25 PM

    You're funny and I enjoy your posts

  4. Thank you for the compliments!

    Jodi--I am a bargain girl myself. Love sales, coupons and thrift stores. I am more proud of my deals than I am of things I pay full price for. I think I have a problem.

  5. Adorable dress! Gotta love a bargain!

    Cute survey...I vote games! :-)