Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Adventures of Surfer Boy and Bathing Soup Girl

Sure, it might look like our super heroes are lazing the day away at the lake, but in reality, they are ready and able to spring into action at the first sign of danger. Take for instance Surfer Boy:

He's first on the scene when it's time to free a bucket or toy from the evil grasp of the breaking water. He uses his highly developed sense of touch to locate the smoothest of rocks that are trapped beneath the water's surface.

His most amazing super power though is his ability to look like a full grown boy at a moment's notice. No almost 4 year olds around here Ma'am.


Not to be outdone, Bathing Soup Girl--as she likes to call herself--also has many super gifts. There's her superb stealth for instance. She sneakily glides through the water, her eyes fixed on her target with fierce concentration.
Do do do do do do do...

She also has full command over bodies of water calling forth massive tsunamis with a simple clap of her hands.

Obviously, those bad guys didn't stand a chance. The battle won, she took her victory swim around the lake with her most adoring fan.

And then she retired to her secret lair for a little R&R. Saving the world is tough work ya'll.

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