Sunday, July 11, 2010

Everyone Gets Lucky Once in Awhile

Last week was wicked hot here in Mellonville. So hot that I took a picture of the temperature reading in my car--don't worry I wasn't in control of a moving vehicle at the time since I was stopped at one of 500 stoplights between my house and the kids' school. I had planned on tweeting about the wretchedness of the weather, but by the time I got home I had forgotten all about my intentions as the euphoria of the air conditioned house hit me. These sweltering summer days are the only time that I thank my lucky stars that my husband insists on keeping the house cold enough to safely store milk on the counter.

So anyway, when I plugged my phone into the computer, the image I'd taken popped up. I didn't want all of those megapixels to go to waste, so I thought I'd share the photo with you kind blog readers.

Also please note, that that 104° was not that first, overly high temperature reading when you first get in the car. No that number was 109°. The number you see above there was after the car had been running for a good 10 minutes or so. Makes your back sweat just thinking about it doesn't it? No? Umm yea mine neither.

As I was adding that helpful green box and arrow to the picture, my eyes happened to alight on another detail that had somehow escaped my notice when I was actually in the car driving it. 
The evidence here seems to suggest that the Volvo has been set on cruise control for lord knows how long without my having a conscious awareness of it. I guess I could try arguing that it's supposed to be that way, but that little open highway feature is not quite as helpful in a suburban setting, now is it? Therefore, I have no choice but to admit that Drew could in fact be on to something when he goes on one of his "Mellon is ridiculously oblivious to her surroundings" tangents. It had to happen that man would be right at some point. I mean it has been nine years, so I'd say he's due.

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  1. that's really clear for a camera picture!
    haha wow i feel for you, i hate it when it gets that hot :p