Friday, July 23, 2010

Life Lessons

There have been many studies done to prove how beneficial family dinner time is to children.  It's a time to be together, unwind from the day, share stories and impart wisdom. We here at the Mellon house do not take our role as guidance providers lightly. No sir, we strive to teach our children by example. Which is why yesterday's family dinner found us having this lovely conversation:

Drew to Chase: You're a turd.
Chase: I'm not!
Mama: It's not nice to call people turds.
Drew: Mama's right. You're a monkey.
Chase: I'm not!
Drew: Are you a kangaroo?
Chase: Don't call me turd or an animal. I'm just Chase. 

Um yea. Perhaps I am the only one leading by example these days.  I think now you'll have to agree that I am the only apparent adult in residence. Lord, grant me serenity. 

Also, today someone found my blog by typing "mellons that jiggle" into google. There's a life lesson somewhere in there too...I'll ponder what it could possibly be while I lick the birthday cake batter out of the bowl.


  1. Hi Laura,

    I found your blog by clicking the ad on the right hand side of the page. I thought you might want to know that your advertise worked.

    I am curious why you advertise your blog?

    It is a very nice blog by the way.


  2. haha last night at dinner (my family still does that too) my brother called me "a dumb piece of crap". he is seventeen, will be eighteen in october. my dad tells him to at least call me a smart piece of crap. sigh.

  3. That could have been a conversation between my kiddos too! Too funny.

  4. Mellons that jiggle? That is hilarious! I guess that person doesn't know how you can kick some serious butt. ;-)