Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wanna Play Find Your Doppelganger?

The other day I was looking at an In Style magazine and came across a picture of Megan Fox that was similar to this one:

Once I saw that photo, I couldn't get this image of my mother out of my head:

I think it was probably the center part that drew the original connection for me, but upon further inspection I noted that the two share similar eye color, cheek bones, and lips. So now every time I see or hear of Megan Fox, I'll think of my mother. This has good connotations (i.e. hottest woman in the world) and bad connotations (oh the crazy that comes out of homegirl's mouth). So let me just be clear here: even if they happen to share some physical attributes, that in no way implies that they are at all alike personality-wise.  Agreed? Good, because that little detail is going to be important when I show you my look-alike.

Remind you of anyone?

Don't hold it against me, ya'll.

Now it's your turn--which celebrity could be your mirror image? Are you brave enough to share?


  1. Yeah I totally saw Shannon Daugherty before you posted her pic... scary.. that's a lot of Brian Austin Green connections there.

  2. haha she does look like megan fox!
    people (and by people i mean one person) have told me i look like john cusack...i don't really think that's a compliment though haha.