Monday, November 23, 2009

Zoobilee Zoo

Welcome to Zoobilee Zoo! Does anyone remember that show? I still think of the episode where the cockatoo had peanut butter stuck to the roof of her mouth every time I eat a spoonful of that creamy treat

Anyway, the weather was perfect for a trip to the Reston Zoo on Sunday. I only have these pictures because the battery died AGAIN in the small, black camera. I'm beginning to feel like I'm the starring member of a comedy skit it's getting so ridiculous. But despite the lack of pictures, I can assure you that the children had a delightful time.

Amaya recently learned to say her brother's name, so all day long she chased (ha) after him calling "Chase, Chase". She did cease her stalking long enough to stop and say "hey" to strangers too. Little man didn't seem to mind his shadow of a sister as he was too busy enjoying feeding the barn animals and trying to play cars with the spider monkeys. He kept up a steady stream of chatter as he pointed out all the animals that Diego has rescued. Now tell me TV isn't educational.

I am pretty sure that little miss Amaya is going to at the very least consider some kind of profession that involves working with animals. The girl had no fear, only pure delight as she ran up to all of the animals. She charged after the swan and rooster, jumped up to reach the sheep, and tried to hurl herself into the habitat with the bunnies. Even the scary horned goats didn't phase her. I'm sure she could flip a sheep with no trouble at all, so maybe I'll try to teach her that next time. You know--put that Animal Vet Science degree to some use?

I love this picture. Andy must have been feeling the pressure as all eyes turned to him waiting for more food. Now he knows how I feel every day at dinner time.

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