Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I know, I know

but I have an excuse. No, really a good one this time. I'm exhausted. Seriously. That's what the doctor told me when I finally went to see her on Monday to find out why I'm so tired and get nauseous 50 times a day. And no, I'm definitely not pregnant, bite your tongue. The swine apparently can make you completely useless for up to a month after you have it, crazy right?

But please know that the my blog is not the only thing that I've abandoned--my house is a mess, my kids don't remember a time when Mama played with them instead of just sitting around all day, and my NaNoWriMo has been a NoGo. It stresses me out to watch all of these things falling apart, which of course only makes it harder for my body to recover. Vicious cycle. So anyway, if the time frame is accurate, then I have another two weeks of feeling that walking up the stairs is like climbing Everest. So since odds are looking like it could be another week before my next post, I'll leave you with these cute pictures from the Imagination Movers concert we went to on Sunday. Both kids had a great time shaking their groove things. The highlight had to be when when they got high fives from Rich--or as Chase calls him "Wrench". Good times.

Aunt Danielle made Chase his rockin Mover's shirt--I think he'd like to be buried in it.

I'm not sure what happened here with this picture, but it makes me nauseous to look at it. For real. Equilibrium is all jacked up. Darn exhaustion.

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