Monday, November 09, 2009

It all depends on how you define well

As most of you know, I've been feeling a little under the weather the past few days. I think it was the flu, but seeing as I refuse to visit the doctor unless someone physically drags my sorry behind there, I can't really state that diagnosis as fact.

Whatever it was came on suddenly Wednesday with body aches, chills and head pain. And extreme fatigue. Like didn't want to walk from the chair to the couch fatigue. This continued through Thursday. On Friday, I woke up with a super painful sore throat and a horrible cough, but the body aches were gone and I had fewer chills. I also got very dizzy when I tried to stand up. Saturday, the throat was better, but I was still coughing and only had half a voice. Sunday I pretty much had just the cough still no voice. Which brings us to today--less cough, less chills, still half a voice. Still physically tired--I can walk up the stairs now, but I have to stop at the top to catch my breath.

Concerned citizens have been asking whether I'm well yet. I'm not sure if their concern is for me or if they're wondering if it's safe to come near me yet. Regardless, I don't really have an answer for you. It all depends on what you consider to be well.

  • If your definition of well means that my cough sounds like I'm only a chain smoker instead of a chain smoker who also happens to be infected with tuberculosis, then yes, I'm well.
  • If your definition of well means that I only use 50 tissues a day instead of 100, then yes I'm well.
  • If your definition of well would include someone who forgets to put the detergent in the washer before starting a load of germ infested sheets, then yes I'm well.
  • If your definition of well would include someone who buries herself in her snuggie on a 74 degree day and still feels cold, then yes, I'm well.
  • Finally, if your definition of a well person would include someone who read the directions 4 times and still ended up with this for dinner:

then yes, I'm well.

So there you go. Well or not, I have pictures from the grandparents' visit this weekend that I hope to share tomorrow. Until then just imagine me wrapped in my snuggie, eating my matzo ball soup and sucking on my cough drops. A vision of health.

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