Monday, November 02, 2009

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Today, Amaya and I were extras on the set of a science fiction movie. No, not really. But it did feel that way when we were sitting surrounded by little kids wearing masks in the waiting room at the doctor's office.

I do believe it is possible that another life form has taken up residence in Petunia's body and is growing inside of it. How else to explain how ridiculously big she's becoming? She weighed 26.4 pounds putting her in the 90th percentile and was in the 97th percentile for height at 32.5inches. What was truly surprising though was that her 18inch head only placed her in the 50th percentile. Surprising because the original 12-24 month sized Halloween costume I had picked out was too small for her head. Apparently, that company only makes outfits that fit on 10% of the appropriately aged population. Had I known how little she would actually allow the headpiece to be on her noggin, I would have just kept the too small costume. Live. Learn.

During the visit, Amaya got 4 shots. Tonight she is cranky. Cause and effect? Perhaps. But additional factors leading to the crabbiness include the four teeth that are at this very moment digging through her gums clawing for the surface. She doesn't get a tooth here and there, not my daughter. She cuts quadrateeth. At least now I have something concrete to curse when she's fussy for the 17th hour in a row. Dadgumteeth.

She did put the fuss monster away for a bit during her play date with Emma and Mikey on Sunday. As long as I stayed near and no other mother tried to touch her without her permission, she was fairly happy. She didn't have any problems sharing her brother's toys with everyone and even took special pleasure in showing her friends how to work Handy Manny's tool box.

But then we had to go and change the plan by trying to take a picture of everyone sitting on the sofa. Not only that, but Emma's mama touched her. Have you ever heard of anything so terrible befalling a chicken? What choice did she have but to unleash a crying jag of record breaking proportions?

What is it with my kids and group pictures? I mean really? As if I needed any more future blackmail material.
I guess that she could blame it on the alien that has taken over her body. That excuse will work. Once.

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