Tuesday, November 10, 2009

News Bulletin

Children Between the Ages of 1 and 3 Have Seemingly Endless Energy

That was the headline on today's edition of the Mellon Times. Frankly, I am shocked that no one has reported this before. Those little buggers wore me out today. So here are the promised pictures with minimal explanation.

Amaya saw her Mama with the camera, so she came real close to pose.

Then she leaned against a tree like she was having a professional portrait done.

Meanwhile, Grandpa was throwing leaves on Chase.

Who then ran away hoping to engage Gpa in a game of tag.

Later, Amaya helped Grandpa recover from the physical exertion by making him tea.
The end.
PS--see that blurry spot on all the photos. It's a smudge. On the brand new small, black camera's lens. I tried to clean it, but it wouldn't budge, darn smudge. I'm beginning to think that it's bad luck to own small, black cameras. I would advise against carrying one when you're walking under a ladder or stepping on sidewalk cracks. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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