Sunday, November 29, 2009

Visual Thanksgiving Guest List

We spent Turkey Day at Nana and PopPop's this year. In attendance, a Daddy & a Daddy's girl,

Myself, Queen of all lands touched by the sun,
David the uncle who tickles,
MomMom who was recovering from a nasty fall,
Gran and Shirley Temple,
Jenn and Adam--the none too patient parents to be,
Jan and Gary, the headless grandparents,
Oh, and those two gentlemen above...what are their names again? Oh yes, Trouble and Double Trouble. They sat still for about five minutes when Gran was helping them color, but other than that, they were constantly on the move partaking in multiple crazed adventures.
Like say putting on random boxer shorts. I'm not sure if this one is the regular or double trouble version. Regardless, I hope those were clean underoos.

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