Sunday, March 14, 2010

I’ve still got it going on. Maybe. Well probably not.

Here’s a picture of Amaya and I arriving at Aiden’s birthday party on Saturday. The blog worthy thing about this photo is the guy in the background.

Nikon - March 13 2010 015

Doesn’t it look like he’s totally scoping out my rear view? He was probably just wondering how I was balancing so well on those heels or judging me for my laziness for sliding in to the party with a store wrapped gift. But, if it’s all the same to you, I’m going to stick with my “checking out the hot mama theory”. Just smile and let me have my moment, ok? 


  1. Just started follwing your blog and I love this post!!! Too funny!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Has me cracking up. And, I'm gonna go with the "checking out the hot mama theory." I'm totally with ya.

  3. Love your blog..Following you from both my blogs

  4. Thanks for supporting my delusions Ms. Manders. I'm waiting to see if this picture pops up on fail blog. :-)

  5. Yes dear, I too think it must be your fine butt!!!! You know you are a very pretty young woman and your husband better treat you right! Tell him an older butt says so! I used to have one fine butt!! My husbands friends called me J B juicy buns Those were the days. 55 now and cant find my butt anymore and that is very hard to deal with at times. Any other old butts having a hard time with losing your young looks?? Just enjoy your pretty face while you can Laura. It really gets hard to look in the mirror.Dont let anyone tell you menopause does not mean you are old because thats when you begin to age.Sorry for cry baby stuff feels good to complain once in a while. Well you and your family are adorable. Enjoy every day you can.I goes by so fast!!!