Monday, March 22, 2010

10 things making me smile today

1) The rain. Yes, I know that a number of you will disagree with that. However, if anyone out there has been experiencing the symptoms of stuffy nose, sinus headache and runny eyes from early spring allergies, then you probably appreciate the relief the rain brought too.
2) My children playing independently together. Happily.
3) Chase’s hair in this picture. I love when they get little random pieces sticking up.
4) The way my daughter attacks her cupcake—fingers straight into the icing. The only way to eat that particular confection in my opinion. Also, the birthday party hats from Sofia’s party.
5) Finding Amaya “reading” in her crib in the morning.
6) Followed by listening to Chase “read” us a story while Amaya gets dressed and ready for the day.
7) The Bradequinn in Andy’s office. Every place of business needs a headless, racing fire suit-outfitted mannequin.
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8) My little Amaya Thug sporting her brother’s hoodie and a tutu. Fashion icon.
9) Watching Chase, Amaya and their friend giggling like little gremlins while playing air hockey at Chuck E. Cheese.
9.5) Mountaineers in the Sweet Sixteen.
10) And last, but certainly not least—daffodils. Welcome spring. I promise to enjoy you more as soon as you stop shooting rockets of pollen into my breathing space.
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  1. I'm pretty giddy about flowers being out again. This winter was pretty dismal. We ended up missing almost a week of school because of the snow. Luckily, Harper's daycare only closed on days when I had off anyway.

    I'm anxiously awaiting the hyacinths.

  2. What a great post. :-)

  3. Children happy and playing independently - what a dream! M&M have just started doing this more and more and it is beautiful. And I love the cupcake picture - that is the way to eat. I sometimes wish I could just dig in like Amaya - I hope you got to eat a little after the kids!