Monday, March 08, 2010

A pound of clown

Saturday morning, I decided to be a super gym girl and wear my weighted gloves to combat instead of giving in to my normal slacker tendencies. I know now why my body insists that I be a work out under achiever. Oh my. I was so exhausted the rest of the day that at one point when we were contemplating what to have for dinner, I told Drew that I didn't want to eat at TGIFriday's because there were too many steps to climb to reach the front door. (I think there might be 10) At that point, Drew gave me a look that roughly translated meant: "Mellon, if going to the gym turns you into a slug like this then I'm going to have no choice but to cut off your membership".  Which is why I will now blame my "just skating by" gym mentality on my husband. Totally worth it.

After wasting the entire day on Saturday, I knew we owed the kids some kind of excitement on Sunday. They're certainly not the type to not collect on their pound of flesh, let me tell ya.  Not only did we go to Chase's favorite store (Target) and restaurant (Mimi's), but we also took them to the circus. Amaya of course loved every minute of the show laughing and clapping the entire time. Chase, well he's the critic of the family. He was less than impressed by the majority of the performances.

The only act that got his attention was when Bello the clown climbed up a hanging ladder.

He just found it to be the most fascinating thing in the world.

Later, when we were going over the highlights of the the show over dinner, the ladder was the only thing that he remembered.

My bets would have been on the spooky, dancing horse. But perhaps self-preservation caused him to block that one from his little boy brain.


  1. Hi Laura, I'm an older mom with young kids and I admire your determination(?) to go to the gym. You are brilliant in finding a handy excuse for the days you 'just skate by'! My 'excuse' is that I'm old and lazy...I'm new to this whole blogging stuff and wonder what other moms who blog get out of it. Fun? Steam-Vent? Connection? just curious-
    'breadmom' ps: cute kids!

  2. Hi breadmom, thanks for stopping by! In answer to your question: I think that every mama has her own reasons for blogging. I started doing it as an online journal that my distant family could access as a way to keep tabs on us. Now, it's kind of a creative outlet for me. Something to give my brain a little bit of a workout. I love getting comments and connecting with people I would never ordinarily have the chance to meet. I hope that helps!

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