Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beyond the Nos

I'm feeling like a very neglectful Mama. How can it be that I've never done a post on Amaya's ever expanding vocabulary? Even though at times it seems like the only thing that she knows how to vocalize is "No!", she's actually built up quite a lovely little collection of words.

Good thing my memory is so reliable allowing me to get all the highlights down for you here now. Let's see--well her first word was "boon" which she would screech every time we entered Red Robin with its lobby full of colorful balloons. This was sometime last summer. June? July? August? Yea, let's go with that. August.

Soon after that followed all of the normal first words: Mama, Daddy, Chase, duck. Why does every kid learn to say duck so soon? I find this very odd. I mean it's not like there's a band of the little webbed footed creatures strolling around after her all day. I imagine the only time she's even seen a duck has been in a book or on TV. Based on frequency of exposure, I'd have thought the word chocolate would have come long before duck.Or Target. Or maybe Poopis.

 Speaking of animals, she's also getting all of their sounds down--moo for cows, woof for dogs, meow for cats, grunt for dads. She is very good at imitation.

Little Petunia is working on her colors, and like her brother she insists that everything is the color of the word that she can say the best: boo (blue).  Though occasionally she will admit that some things are red or "PURpell", but not until you've spent a lot of energy trying to win her over to the idea. Sometimes I find that it's just not worth it. Which is why you won't hear me argue when she tells me STOP signs are blue. Now her brother, well, he has plenty of energy to attempt to correct her. Makes for interesting backseat conversation.

My personal favorite of her available lexicon: shoe, hat, & cookcook(cookie). These words provide me with a glimmer of hope that there is something inside her that is part me despite the facial evidence to the contrary. 

You know what else reminds me that she is half me? Those dirty knees. Can't keep this one clean to save her life.


  1. 1) I love that you use the word "lexicon."

    2) It's fantastic that she's developing all of those words. I'm pretty excited for when Harper starts saying things like "dada", "mama", and "No, father, I don't ever intend to date."

  2. On that last one--watch out for the added phrase "anyone you approve of" whispered under her breath. :-)