Friday, April 18, 2008


As promised, here is a post about Noodle's growing vocabulary and his endearing new kissing phase. Let's start with the lip service that he's been giving left and right these days. He just loves blowing kisses complete with a loud smacking sound and a hand flourish as he blows them away. Everyone is worthy of receiving one of these beauties--his teachers, mama, the mail man--everyone. But the smooching doesn't stop there. Oh no. He likes to plant wet, sloppy kisses on anything with a face--could be Mama, Daddy, his puppy, his Elmo cars, a picture of a cow. If it has eyes and a mouth, he'll place a big smacker right on it. Of course, his most favorite time to love his mama up is when she's trying to do something important--like take a nap. That's when he'll plant 15-20 gloppy smoochies on me. Little stinker.

Now, to share with you bits of his increasing vocabulary, I have selected my top five monkey words and phrases for your reading pleasure. I am presenting it in a dictionary format so that my readers can have a thorough understanding of their meanings and use.

Atcsh (Crash)--
This one is a favorite used often when playing with his cars as he collides them into each other or flies them off of the couch. You can also hear this particular word after the little darling throws any number of objects down the basement stairs. Doesn't matter if it's my decorative twine balls, his matchbox cars, or plastic cutlery--they all "atcsh".

Don no (Don't know)-- This is the phrase he calls upon when he discovers that a toy is missing a part. For instance, if he's putting together a puzzle and the last piece is missing, he'll point to the open spot until you say, "Don't know". Then he'll say, "don no", and a mad hunt for the little wooden trinket begins. Pray you find it soon, otherwise your ears will be filled with an endless stream of more "Don nos", "gahns", and "uh ohs".

Gahn (Gone)-- this one is used to describe everything from his dinner, to missing toys, to Mama. You'll hear it at least 543 times a day. He'll slurp the last of his drink, and say "gahn, gahn, gahn". He'll continue repeating the word until you acknowledge that yes, the white liquid is in fact, gone. He also likes to incessantly repeat "Mama gahn" anytime I'm not around. Lucky Drew.

Pur-pull & Boo (purple & blue)-- colors obviously. Except he only says purple if you say it first. And every color is blue. Example:
Mama : (pointing to a red crayon) What color is this, Chase?
Chase: boo
Mama: No, this is red. What color is this? (pointing to a green crayon)
Chase: boo
Mama: Green, this one is green. How about this one? (pointing to a blue crayon)
Chase: boo
Mama: That's right! You're so smart!

H pronounced just like the letter (no idea)-- He points to everything under the sun and says "H!". We still have no idea what he's saying, but it's awfully cute.

And there you have the top five Noodlisms for the month of April. Below is a video of him saying "Gahn". It's near the end of the clip. Before that he's saying "Cheee" (aka cheese) because there's a camera pointed at him. Also please note how he uses his mother as a jungle gym. Feels great on my pregnant belly. Oh, and the picture at the beginning of the post is from the Mr. Knick Knack concert at the mall. I took video there too, but I did it sideways...makes you dizzy watching it. Oops.


  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Oh how he is growing! I can't wait to see in person next month. Hugs and kisses to you Chase Love Grandma

  2. Anonymous9:03 PM

    I looked at the video but can't figure out how to get sound. Anyway he's a real cutie. Love Grandma