Sunday, January 03, 2010

Critically Acclaimed! Outing of the Year! Oscar worthy!

We took the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel today. Drew was a bit worried about how Amaya would do as this was her first movie. So concerned was he that he tried to drop Chase and me at the door with a promise to pick us up later. Ha! Nice try Drew. If I have to sit through the rodent film with a squiggling kid on my lap then so do you mister.

Besides his worries were wasted as the littlest loved the movies. First, we hung out by the giant chipmunks while daddy bought the popcorn. Both children were as excited by these plastic characters as they were about anything in Disney World. Then, Chase and Amaya held hands as we walked down the hall toward our theater. It was the cutest thing ever, and if one of my hands hadn't also been holding Chase's hand I would have taken a picture. Both kids were completely absorbed in the show as they crammed handful after handful of popcorn into their mouths. Amaya was swiveling her torso all around dancing to the music so much that people three rows back were chuckling at her antics. Some lady passing us on the way out commented on what an adorable little movie patron she was.

The reviews of our outing are in: A rip roaring success. Two enthusiastic thumbs way up!

Also, I broke down and purchased one digital download from the Disney photo pass. I want to really get my money's worth, so I'm sharing it here with you. I might also send it out for holiday cards next year. And the year after...$15 is a lot of money for one sub par photo ya'll.

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  1. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Love the post! Glad Amaya liked her 1st movie. Allie really enjoyed Princess and the Frog, but I don't see Andy taking Chase to that one!