Thursday, January 28, 2010

Conversation to Stimulate Your Digestive System

Overheard at lunchtime:

Chase: Mama, how do you spell cantaloupe?
Mama: What's it start with? CCCCCantaloupe.
Chase: K!
Mama: Close, C. C also makes the Cah sound.
Chase: That's a tough one.

Chase: Amaya's licking my plate.

Chase: Mama, how do you spell bread?
Mama: What's it start with? BBBBBread.
Chase: B!
Mama: Right!
Chase: Bcdefghi--Underpants!
Mama: I don't think underpants is right.

Chase: Mama, remember when Amaya pooped in the bathtub?
Mama: Can you remember to ask me that again when her prom date is at the door?
Chase: Amaya's a tough one.


  1. Yvonne3:00 PM

    He's a character. LoL!

  2. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Just too sweet love g-ma