Monday, January 25, 2010

December 1980

From left to right: Shelby, Nikki, Mandy and me.

Today while doing a quick search to find a baby picture of myself, I came across this snapshot of my cousins and me. It just makes me smile. The pink cheeks of Shelby and Mandy. The wide eyes of Nikki. My own possessive clutching of the dolly. I just have to chuckle really.

I am 2.5 years old in this picture--so pretty much right between the ages that my children were this Christmas. I remember that raccoon that Shelby is holding, and I remember him not being happy about having to hold it for the picture. If memory serves, he threw what I like to call a "hellafit" over the whole thing. He'd probably throw an even bigger fit if we tried to get him to cuddle with a stuffed mammal today. Maybe we'll try that sometime?

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