Tuesday, September 01, 2009

ce n'est pas ma faute Which very roughly translated means: I didn't do it, blame Drew.

I know that there are one or two you who would like to see some pictures from our trip to Montreal last weekend. I didn't take a whole bunch this time since I was too busy trying to stay warm in the cold, rainy weather. I do however have a few more than what's shown below, but they aren't available at the moment. This inability to access the photos is not my fault. It is Drew's fault. You see, he packed the small, black camera. Which is fine. But, the small, black camera needs a special USB cable. A special USB cable that he left at the lake. So, I can't get the pictures off of the camera and onto my computer to post until he buys a new cord. Until then I only have this measly handful of images I took with my iPhone.

These first two are from the Le Crystal hotel lobby where we waited for the staff to finish their final inspection of our room. The hotel is a green hotel--at least that's the reason Drew gave me when I asked why the key card had to be in the wall for the electricity to work. If you took the card out, all the lights went off. Freaky. The room also had a flat screen right at the foot of the bed. I think it gave the man ideas. Ideas that I will need to squash.

Here we are having lunch in the deli at the Casino de Montreal . I loved the red and white decor of the place. I did not love that there was no restroom in the restaurant. The Caramilk Bar made up for that disappointment a little bit. Mmmm caramel.

Here's a picture of the truck that Brad rode around the track in before the race. Horrid picture can only be explained by the glare of the sun on my iPhone screen. Sun? Didn't I say that I didn't take many pictures because it was rainy and cold? Yes, yes I did. The sun only came out long enough to screw up my pictures. No that's not true. Race day was for the most part a lovely day. So why didn't I take more pictures? I'm sorry, what was the question again? Je ne parle pas l'anglais.

And that's all I've got. Such a dearth of quality pictures is inexcusable I know. In an effort to win back your faith, I am including these two shots from our trip to the park today.

I also have some shots from our lunch at Chuck E. Cheese, but they're on the small, black camera. I've got Drew's number on speed dial if you'd like to lodge a complaint-- just let me know.

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