Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let's Go...


Doesn't that picture look like she's checking out her rear view? Pretty sure the teen years are going to be rough here in the Mellon house. Anyway, I don't know how I never got around to posting these pictures of the kids all decked out in their blue & gold. I think that I shared them on facebook and then just assumed that everyone would see them there forgetting of course that some of my dear readers are online social media challenged. (hi mom!)

So here at long last are the pictures from the dinner that we had at John & Jeanne's after the first WVU game. They invited us to watch Nebraska's opener with them. It takes a brave person to sit next to former Blackshirt John while he watches his Alma Mater play. Since I'm a chicken at heart, we girls spent the evening on the deck enjoying the cooler weather instead of on the couch next to the growling men. Amaya was thrilled to be spending time with Sophi outside the gym and together they had their own private tailgate party of shredded cheese and puffs. Not to be outdone, Chase too had a grand time as he jumped around on the trampoline and played the Wii. Of course, I think it was the attention from the older ladies that he enjoyed most. Like I said, the teen years will be trouble--no doubt.


  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Thanks for the mention. Amaya sure looks cute as a mountaineer. Looks like fun was had by all at the game tailgates in the back yard. Is Sophie's hair red like her Mama's? love Grandma

  2. Anonymous9:30 PM

    I just knew after the "Let's Go" title, your reply was going to be HOKIES! I guess the cute pictures of Amaya will have to do. :)


  3. Ha ha Teresa. The day you hear me cheering Let's Go Hokies can only mean they're playing Michigan. I'll root for anyone to beat Rich Rod. :-)