Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh Yes, They Call Her The Blur

Look at that, look at that.
Fastest thing on two feet
Look at that, look at that.
She's just as proud as she can be
Of her mobility
She goin' give us a peek

Don't Look Ethel! Any Ray Stevens fans out there? Oh the memories that song brings. My brother had this cassette and would listen to it over and over and over. He probably doesn't want me broadcasting that tidbit across the internet, but what else are big sisters for if not to occasionally publicly humiliate little brothers?

Now that you've seen the pictures, I'm sure you can understand the reasoning behind my post title. Little Petunia is on the move. And she doesn't go anywhere slowly. No sirree. She runs full speed. Which is why a majority of the photos I take show her as just a streak. (heh,heh)

Oh yes they call her the blur,
Look at that, look at that.

But sometimes, if I stick with it long enough, I can get a real peach of a shot. Well, Look at that, look at that--is that you Ethel?

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